• They do grow fast, we, too, love our Molly. She has grown into a sleek little girl, she knows it to, we travel fulltime in our Motorhome and she meets new dogs and people all the time. She loves the guys, people type guys….....she seems to get better each day about not chewing where she shouldn't, but she still loves the socks if she can 'steal them' if they are easy to get she doesn't much care about them......
    Beautful pics.......your story sounds so familiar, 'what kind of dog is that??????.:) 🙂

  • OH I am a sucker for puppies, just love puppy breath!!!
    They are adorable!!!!!

  • It's been a while since i've posted. In fact almost a year. Here are some current Pics of Meeka!

    Here she is around 6 months.

    and some more recent pics of her and her friends…

    She is a great dog. We've trained her to yodel when I ask her if she wants to go on a walk. She is pretty much spoiled, but we love her none the less.

  • Demon dogs…....how cool.🆒

  • She's beautiful - I especially love the one on the pool table with the cat. The look on her face is great! How's the crate issue going?

  • I am sure you knew she was the one for you when you saw her little face. what a cutie!!

  • Oh, so cute! I see you have lots of chewables for them-wooden table legs, stands, etc.!! When I first had Shadow I had a square coffee table-it ended up kinda oval!

  • What a beautiful fur baby…the photos make me want a puppy...congratulations...the world of Basenji's is a wonderful place to be...thanks for sharing...

  • Basenji puppies are one of the cutest puppies.

    Don't fall for it though! Be tough!

  • A B for your first dog? Wow, you are brave!

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