• My wife called this weekend because Leo chased a squirrel up a maple tree. She said he got 8-9 feet up an almost vertical branch before he lost sight of the squirrel and came back down. The red line in the picture is how high he went up, he was in the y on the right side. (the fence is 6 ft). Crazy dogs:D

  • Geeze! That is pretty crazy! That just goes to show how much these crazy dogs can & will do when they want something!

  • Shango is jealous! 🙂

    He TRIES to climb them, he just can't do it. How cool for Leo!

  • Pretty boy!

  • The squirrels in my neighborhood just taunt the mess out of my basenji, Zoe. They run straight across the path in front of her to make her so agitated. I we had fences here I would just let her go at 'em. O' well.

  • I remember pulling out my dad's ladder to rescue Blaze in a spruce tree. The poor squirrel thought he was safe and lost his tail. Unfortunately, once up there, Blaze couldn't get down. He started to whine, which turned into his 'help me' howl. I looked up from homework, and actually had to search for him by his voice before I found him up there…

  • We have a small patch of trees just off the back porch, and we have a squirrel that LOVES to taunt the dogs… almost daily! Some day, that little booger is gonna get it! :eek:

  • GREAT PICS !!! 🙂
    Greetings from Belgium

  • I had no idea that basenjis could climb trees…..that is so cool!!! Love all of the pics.

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