whats up with the little chewy massage thing they do to people and other dogs?….my deoji is always like biting with his very front teeth, like chewing on my aunts dogs chest...and sometimes he does it to my arm or neck....just wondering if thats some purposeful thing they do in the wild or is my dog just wierd

I've noticed Jayden doing it to Cory and even once in awhile to my or dh's arms. Reminds me of one of the commercials for the upcoming season of Meerkat Manor. On the commercial it looks like one of the meerkats is doing the same sort of "biting" action to the other meerkat. (Of course, when I call their names and Cory's and Jayden's heads pop up over the back of the sofa….they do look like meerkats.)


It's a grooming thing. They use their front teeth to "flea" you. I think it tickles.

One of my friends was VERY offended when my dog did this to him, as if a basenji was literally accusing him of having bugs.

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