Okay, I am determined to have some semblance of peace here between the cats and Keoki.

Today I took him upstairs again, on-leash and armed with cookies and a water bottle.

The water bottle helped a lot. He was {eventually} able to sit w/in feet of the cat, glance at them, and then look at my eyes. We just sat, with him getting a small bite of chicken every time he focused on my eyes for a couple of seconds.

The cats were sitting on dd's bed the whole time, looking evil and growling as only annoyed cats can do. Every once in a while Keoki would whine and pull toward them, which earned him a squirt with the bottle.

Of course, to achieve that calm, he just about got a whole bath, my dd complained that her carpet was wet and that her room would smell like wet dog all day. I assured her - her room smells plenty bad already:eek: so she has no need to fear that wet smell. 😉

Anyway, I'm thinking, if we do this every day maybe a couple of times a day….? I don't need them to be friends, I just need him to not go INSANE and want to KILL them every time he even thinks he hears them upstairs.

Jazz was never a fan of the cats, and would chase them if they ran, but if they were sitting on top of the couch she wouldn't go after them or anything.
She and one of the cats could sleep in the little camp chairs, side by side.

Keoki is something else, man. I've never seen a dog with his determination! LOL
But I am guardedly hopeful that one day, peace will reign.