• Most all coursing has practice after the trial.. but you need to check with them to find out….

    looks like the two club are
    Mason Dixon Ibizan Hound Club, MDIHC
    Ian Davies, Member
    5713 Etzler Rd.
    Frederick, MD 21702


    Tri State Sighthound Club, TSSC
    Member, Region 8
    Carolyn Mountan
    1092 Schultz Road
    Latrobe, PA 15650

    Contact and find out about practice…. again which is usually after the trial...

  • And and FYI… you just can't go and compete... for ASFA, your hound needs to be certified to run... with AKC you need JC title (running two courses by themselves).. however.. most clubs all have practice after the trial...

  • Hey BDawg are you still going to this? I'm planning on coming up to watch that Saturday and I'm sure Piper would love to meet your dogs.

  • Actually, we're not going to do it– Apparently this is a HUGE event and we will not be able to participate in any type of "practice". 😞 Sad. I hope you have fun though!! Thanks for thinking of me!!

    PS-- We WILL be at the Mid-Atlantic Fun Match the day after!!

  • Hey BDawg, lets just find an empty football field and grab some pulleys from Home Depot and build our own! 🙂 It CAN'T be that hard!

  • @TuckerVA:

    Hey BDawg, lets just find an empty football field and grab some pulleys from Home Depot and build our own! 🙂 It CAN'T be that hard!

    I'm down 😉

    I was supposed to be going to Leesburg next weekend too. That stinks that they won't have practice! Although there is another one scheduled out there either next month or July so maybe all us DC people could meet at that one? 🙂

  • You may be able to find a lure machine on E-bay. My mom bought one recently that way. She hasn't figured out what she is going to do with it yet.

  • Oh- good thinking! I love ebay!!
    Who is holding the lure coursing next month? I don't think it's the same group… Keep me posted!! I definitely want to meet up with y'all!

  • Darn! They must have changed it since the last time I looked. Apparently the next one in our area isn't until October 26th & it's in Williamsburg! Rats!

  • Turns out this is an international sight hound invitational – definitely not open to anyone. But should be interesting to go and watch -- presumably some of the best lure coursing top dogs in each breed will be there. Here is a site with more information:


  • Yeah this should be the premier lure coursing event of the year. Here is the breakdown of the dogs entered.

    Afghan: (4 total) 3 open, 1 FCh
    Azawakh (1 total): 1 open
    Basenji: (9 total) 1open, 8 FCh
    Borzoi: (34 total) 16 open, 14 FCh, 4 Vet
    Greyhound: (20 total) 5 open, 12 FCh, 3 Vet
    Ibizan: (14 total) 4 open, 6 FCh, 4 vet
    IW: (3 total) 1 open, 1 FCh, 1 vet
    IG: (6 total) 2 open, 3 FCh, 1 vet
    Ltd: 6 total
    Pharaoh: (19 total) 8 open, 10 FCh, 1 vet
    Rhodesian: (40 total) 15 open, 19 FCh, 6 vet
    Saluki: (9 total) 3 open, 5 FCh, 1 vet
    Sloughi: 0
    Scottish Deerhound: (4 total) 2 open, 2 FCh
    Whippet: (107 total) 25 open, 64 FCh, 18 vet

    A total of 276 dogs.

    Piper is still way to young to actually course but I'm very excited about going and watching all the great dogs run. And it's also a great way to socialize a puppy, so many sights sounds and smells not to mention all the dogs they get to meet.:)

    ladyeagle1998 are you planning on going?

  • I am planning to go – since I live in Ashburn it's right next door. Since I'm still at the stage of deciding which breed to go with this is a great chance to see a variety of the hounds. Unfortunately it appears the Basenji events are first both Saturday and Sunday -- and I'm not a fast starter on Weekends!

  • Well even though the basenjis are running first all the dogs run twice so the second run of basenjis won't be until all the other breeds on their field have run once. So even if you don't get there right when it starts you should still get to see the basenjis run once.

    Since I'm not that close, I probably won't get there until around 10:30, maybe I will see you there.:)

  • LadyEagle- I'm right in your area- if you ever want to meet up and see how my two are at home, I'd be more than happy to meet up! 🙂

  • Is anyone going to the coursing event next weekend in Leesburg?

    You can check out the premium here if you are interested.

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