Dental care: liquid tartar remover

  • Has anyone had a positive experience with a water additive for teeth and gums?? We got one for Zip a week ago (she has really bad breath…) and since she has seemed to be in a funk with less of an appetite and loose stools (towards the end). That product (Petkin) is all I can think of that has changed recently so I'm feeling iffy about it and already took it out of one of her water bowls. She has also been scooting alot, but I got her glands expressed about a week to 10 days ago. She kept getting in poo position at the park but little to nothing came out. She gets 1/2 cup Innova Adult and a teaspoon of Evo canned (to make a 13 oz can last a week). Thoughts?

  • For her teeth, I would think that if she really has bad breath, she might be due for a dental? You should really have them looked at.. as they can have dental problems for months and months and you may never know.. but usually the breath is a total givaway…) I would worry about her straining to poop... as that would be a sign of tummy/gut distress...
    Anything new that you give them can cause a change in stools.... so if the loose stool started when you started the additive, I would have to say that was the cause.
    And if what you are feeding her is good food, so if that hasn't change must be what you are adding to the water (at least my guess)

  • Zip actually did much better last night. Ate all of her food, and firm poo. She ate part of the cloth strap off one of Liz's flip flops a day or 2 ago so perhaps she was struggling to pass that when we were at the park and she didn't succeed until last night. I was really baffled about what came out of her 'til I remembered.
    I'm just going to have to get on Liz's case about teeth brushing. I do the nails, she does the teeth.

  • I still would make sure that a dental is not in order…. usually if really bad breath.. it indicates dental problems......

  • We are taking Zip in soon probably for a comprehensive exam We'll have him look at her teeth for sure.

  • @mauigirl:

    We are taking Zip in soon probably for a comprehensive exam We'll have him look at her teeth for sure.

    Great.. you will be surprised what a good dental will do…..

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