• Here's pic of my boy Ali. It's a little deceiving as he's a big boy (35 pounds) and quite tall. Aja is coming to our home within a couple of weeks. I took her pic with my phone (forgot my camera!) the day I met her.

  • What cuties you have! Ali sure is a BIG boy - a very hansome 35 pounder - wow! I just love all that exta softy soft skin on the puppies. Aja has a fair share - how adorable! Good for you getting Ali another someone to play with.

  • Thanks! It's funny how WHENEVER I see another Basenji, even if it's just a pic, I'm always startled at how small they are!!

  • Yeah, I don't see them as being so small until I see more in person. I know Medjai I small, but when I see him at the basenji club meets, he's just slightly skinnier than the rest of the rest, but they are all so small. I still wouldn't have them any other way, though.

  • Handsome boy, pretty girl! 😃

  • Where did you get your big boy from?

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    Where did you get your big boy from?

    I got him through BRAT actually!

  • Well, Bless your heart!
    Good for you.

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