• Hi all. I am a new member of the forum. We brought Daisy, a Basenji and Blue Heeler mix, last May when she was 6 weeks old. She's quite a joy. But, she's also aggressive with strangers, barking nonstop when they arrive. She doesn't lunge at them or really even growl, she just barks. She joined our family and our pet, Sassy, a Westie mix about 14 years old. She and Sassy get along fine unless Sassy is worried about us. It's obvious who the alpha is. Daisy is the softest animal I've ever felt, and as I teenager, I even worked for a furrier (please forgive me, as I forgive myself). She's an amazing, highly-strung, non-stop dog who seems to understand everything we say. She's amazing.

    Thanks for the warm greetings from fans and for the advice.

    Rita from Nashville

  • Hi Rita!!! I have a Basenji/Whippet mix and we live in Knoxville. My husband and I lived in Nashville back in the mid 1990's, but now we are back in K-town. My Hollie can bark too, since she is mixed, but she also barooos. She is very protective and extremely leary of strangers. She too will bark at someone she doesn't know well AND some people she does know. She is strange, but fits in our family just fine!!

    Welcome to the forum!!! Glad to see another Tennessean on board!!!

  • Hi, Jen. I'm showing my Basenji ignorance, but what is a barooo? If it's all the talking our dog does, then I know what it is! She tries to carry on conversations with us!
    I'm thrilled to have a Knoxvillian to talk with. So many questions, so little time.

  • Hollie's basenji yodel comes out as a Barrroooooo sound. She doesn't do the Basenji scream (thank goodness), but she does make some interesting noises, including bark bark barking!!! She'll even bark at our neighbors, odd little dog, but we love her!!

    Does you basenji mix make any odd noises?? Hollie's at one time soundly alot like the bluetick hound howl!! :p

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