• I am convinced that Medjai has built a secret staircase in my bathroom. I have had him run in there and the closet, but when I call for him, he takes about 5 minutes to come out. He didn't chew on anything or go to the bathroom.

    He also finds that he has to check on me whenever I go in the bathroom. Even from my bed, he will get down and sit at the door. He is always listening intently to see if I have found this staircase and the room at the end of it.

    I also think Medjai has learned to put his toys and food in there, because he comes to the family room with things I haven't seen in ages, and he can find pieces of food at all hours of the day and he only gets fed twice a day. I make sure he eats everything from his bowls, and he can't get into the food container, but he finds kibble all the time.

    Do your dogs do the same?

  • Jack has created a hiding space under the armchair. However, when he tries to retrieve items he has hidden there, he can't get them back out. Which is slightly amusing to us.

    He also "buries" things in corners and seat cushions. Its really funny to watch him scrape at the carpet like he is digging a hole, and then he spends about 10 minutes covering it up with imaginary dirt by pushing the carpet with his nose.

    So secret stairway though! LOL

  • Clover's VERY prone to hiding things in seat cushions and behind the TV and really anywhere that she can try to hide things, but it's only every so often.

    I don't think she's found that secret stairway though, but she doesn't have that many places to hide it around here.

  • Haha! This reminds of a comic strip I have on the fridge! It shows the layout of the house and everywhere is a 'secret' bathroom, hiding spot, etc.

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