Armbands for Show numbers - where to find

  • Can anyone please help me and direct me in the right direction as to where I can buy the armbands people wear at shows that hold their number? I have been searching everywhere and I'm going crossed eyed, lol, I think I'm just looking in the wrong places or calling them the wrong thing

  • thank you

    whats the next show you are going to? I'd love to meet face to face.

    We're going to
    Saarbrücken 12 May
    Geissen 25 May
    And Erfurt 14-15 June

  • My next one isn't until Dortmund 4th May. Fingers crossed that Kwame gets his final CAC for his German title, but who knows how he will show on the day:rolleyes: I have entered Cali aswell at Dortmund just to give her a day out. She has only been shown the once since we have been here poor girl:(
    My next one after that is in July it is Basenjis only and that will be Belle's first show:eek:
    Maybe one of these days we shall meet:D

  • LOL, one day

    I almost forgot, we will also be going to Sievernich 30-31 August, we hope to get Tiggy's breeding permission then from the German Kennel Club

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