Armbands for Show numbers - where to find

Can anyone please help me and direct me in the right direction as to where I can buy the armbands people wear at shows that hold their number? I have been searching everywhere and I'm going crossed eyed, lol, I think I'm just looking in the wrong places or calling them the wrong thing

thank you

whats the next show you are going to? I'd love to meet face to face.

We're going to
Saarbrücken 12 May
Geissen 25 May
And Erfurt 14-15 June

My next one isn't until Dortmund 4th May. Fingers crossed that Kwame gets his final CAC for his German title, but who knows how he will show on the day:rolleyes: I have entered Cali aswell at Dortmund just to give her a day out. She has only been shown the once since we have been here poor girl:(
My next one after that is in July it is Basenjis only and that will be Belle's first show:eek:
Maybe one of these days we shall meet:D

LOL, one day

I almost forgot, we will also be going to Sievernich 30-31 August, we hope to get Tiggy's breeding permission then from the German Kennel Club

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