Basenji calender at Borders

I was at Borders today and they had all their calenders on sale for $1. I was surprised that there were actually 2 basenji calenders on the rack. I bought one. 🙂

That's a great deal. I get one every year.

I have noted a lot of the pictures here are sometimes far better than a lot of many of the staged photos in the calendars.

They usually don't carry basenji calenders, so I was pleasantly surprised.

I think BRAT still has some calendars for sale also if you are still looking and want to support a great cause 🙂

$1 for a Basenji calendar is a good deal though!

I'll will definitely look for one. When I was up at my dads cabin I went shopping in the little town and I found this little pack with a notepad and magnet. It had basenjis on it so I bought just because of the basenjis. I probably will never need to actually use the notepad…

Usually you can find them cheaper on line.. or even E-Bay

I get the Basenji Calendar every year too.
I noticed some of the dogs are the same one's from last years just in a different pose. They could at least take pics of some new dogs.

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