• I have officially been branded with the title of having the dog that is the loudest most noisey dog in our complex. Cali definitely barks and it is getting a very embarrassing when I take her out for a walk. She barks at people and other dogs. It is like an out of control barking. When I was talking to my brother on my cell phone today when I took Cali out to relieve herself he heard her and told me that she is out of control. He couldnt believe how much noise she was making. He is a dog trainer and he immediately came over(he lives 30 minutes away) to try and show me how to handle her when she gets like that, which is everytime we go outside. It is as if she goes ballistic when she sees another dog or person.
    When he pulled up it his car he had his Cane Corso with him and took Calis leash and of course she did not misbehave at all. The people that were outside at my complex commented that they have never seen her so well behaved. We had about six people come up to us with their well behaved dogs and say "that is the dog that is always barking and now she is calm" How embarrassing:( These are people that I have never met, but they said they always see me and my dog that barks all of the time. My brother says he thinks she is doing it as a way to protect me and her turf because her body language is always in the attack mode. When she sees that I am friendly with someone she calms down and becomes friendly also. We even had a kid come up to us and he said that is the dog that is always barking!! There are certain breeds that she is more aggresive towards as I put in my previous post. She never barks in the house unless someone knocks on the door. Her bark is like a combination of a woof and a yodel and it is extremely loud.
    She was on her perfect behavior when my brother took the leash. He said I need to be more firm with her since she is so dominant.
    Has anyone else ever had this problem? Now every time I walk out that front door I feel as if people are going to be thinking "there is that lady with the loud obnoxious dog. It is like she has an alter ego because she is very lovable and sweet and likes to play.
    I will continue to post to inform everyone of her progress.

  • Basenjis can be embarrassing at times because of the noises they make. Abbey doesn't bark but when she gets excited and baroos she can hold a note forever! You can never predict what a basenji is going to say. Abbey saw the plumber coming one day and she came out with "erp." We were out walking one day when she spotted a little boy about 3 or 4 with his mother. When he got closer she says "ooooooooo" just like you might say if you opened a box of doughnuts and knew you could eat them all. He thought she was planning to eat him, I think, but she was just saying look there's a little boy!

  • Here is a fabulous article which deals with this subject. The other articles on this site are well worth reading also.

    Handling On Leash Aggression

  • Thanks for the information and suggestions. She did a lot better when we went out for our walk today and I was really surprised. A couple of my neighbors commented that she was barking less today:)

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