X-ray vision?

My Tri, Wyatt loves to chew things. Especially the remote controls. We have to keep them in a drawer or in our hands, otherwise he will devise a way to get to one of them in his mouth. We got a new home theater system on Sunday night and haven't had a chance to set it up yet. We put box in the living room and didn't worry about it too much, since these guys don't really pay too much attention to paper or cardboard (not that I leave a lot out to tempt them with). I came home from work yesterday and there is styrofoam and cardboard debris field on my living room floor. I look at the gaping hole right in the side of the box but, it seems like everything inside is okay. As I started picking up the tattered remnants of the box, I pondered how they managed to chew a hole in the flat side of a box….not the corners, but the flat side and the box was very heavy duty cardboard. That is when I noticed the mangled, disemboweled remote control and the pile of plastic that used to be attached to it. Wyatt was very interested in watching me pick up everything until I got to that part, when he just so coincidentally had to run to the door to let me know he had to go outside to potty, thus admitting his guilt.
I think he really has x-ray vision to see through that box and styrofoam to find the remote. So now I have to call the retailer and find out how much another new remote is.

Oh, that is a bummer you didn't even get it set up yet! My DH would have hit the roof on this.

It might be that you have popcorn or something yummy when you watch your shows..so the smell is on the remotes?
So, wipe them down with BITTER apple and put them out for the dogs.
In my house, they would never touch them again…but you will have to wash your hands before you eat the popcorn, if you touch the remotes...laugh

Knock On Wood, a remote is the one thing that my B, Sahara has not tried to chew. She loves plastic, we have to watch everything plastic. It doesn't matter what, she will try to chew it. Trash can, clothes basket, tackle boxes, storage containers. She also loves cardboard, we had to put a brass shelf outside by the door for all of our parcels from the post office. We have come home to boxes chewed with the contents in the yard. Once she chewed open a very large box that I had ordered her a bed from PetSmart, the bed was big, and she had it in the yard, box all over everywhere. When you come home you never know what to expect in the yard, haha!!!!!

I think it is the texture of the remote controls that Wyatt likes most …and the game of stealing it. Wyatt likes to chew a lot of things, but that is his favorite. I got the replacement remote control in the mail ($58 :mad: ) and as soon as I took it out of the box he ran up and tried to take it from me, still in the plastic. On Friday, both dogs had taken 4 phone books from the magazine rack and several books from the book shelf and laid them out on the floor😕 No chew marks, just laid out all over the living room floor. I have no idea what that what about. I just imagined they were playing "the floor is lava" game I used to play when I was little:p

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