• Now who woulda thunk that after all the issues I've had with Lenny attacking other dogs and he would mellow out and curb the agressive behavior? My boyfriend is looking for an apartment that will allow me and the dogs to visit every other weekend. We went to a house this weekend that has a resident lab and some other mix (i'd guess cattle dog and collie) and not only did Lenny act completely non agressive during their first meeting, but he was actually PLAYING w/ the mutt! it was so cute. they were chasing each other around the house and play bowing all over the place. YAY!

  • What a GOOD BOY, Lenny! Making your momma proud like that. Looks like all the extra training is paying off for you both. Way to go Lenny!

  • IMO many times it is how secure they feel that will or will not curb agressive problems… not always mind you, but many times... and if he doesn't take the other dogs as a "threat" then he will accept them as equals and playmates...

  • Great to hear. I'm sure it was great to see him playing !!!!!!

  • yeah, it really was… especially with all the drama i have going on with my current living situation it is a relief that something is going right. My boyfriend has been having a heck of a time finding a place to rent that will allow my dogs and me to visit on the weekends. So we finally found a place that would allow it, and then we had to visit to make sure the dogs got along. i was so relieved that not only was Lenny polite, he was playing! yay.

    anyway, i'm moving out of my apt at the end of November... thankfully my company is going to move me again so I don't have to do it myself! Good thing i haven't really unpacked yet!

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