• Went to our local puppy park on the advice of our fellow forumite Julie and met her two ADORABLE baby 'senji's, Astro and Bella. It was She-Ra's second time to the park and she seemed a bit more comfortable running around with the pack. A few people were like "What's with all the basenji's today?" and She-Ra found some people to pester and dogs to run with.


    Down the street they'd just opened a new Dillards and I guess when they do that they have to shoot off fireworks. After about the third one, She-Ra was off and running! I mean she ran the circumference of that park and while I was a little worried about her freaking out over the fireworks, it was also really neat to see a basenji in full run like that. She'd never been able to really cut loose before then and it was something else to see her in action.

    Eventually we caught her and the fireworks stopped and she calmed down. Needless to say the old adage "A happy Basenji is a TIRED basenji" really applied when we got home...she's still kinda mellow this morning. I think she really got a lot ran out of her last night.

    The really funny thing was while She-Ra and a few other dogs were running, most of the other dogs pretty much ignored the fireworks, but one of Julie's puppies (I think it was Astro) actually seemd to sit and watch the fireworks while they were going on.

    A fun night, if not a little exhaustive for my puppy.

  • Sounds like fun. We don't have a dog park real close by so we don't get to see other pups very often. Deke did try really hard yesterday to get a squirrel in the backyard. Squirrel won..He was up that tree so fast!

  • haha She-ra was amazing last night at the dog park she must have ran around that park at least 5 times (and it is NOT a small park) she is so cute & i was so glad to finally meet her last night i hope to see her at the park again sometime she is really a great dog 🙂

  • We used to live on a somewhat busy street. When our B Sundance Liberty Bell would get out the front door, my dad would go get a firecracker and light it up. At the sound of it going off, Bell would come running back inside. It worked every time!

  • haha thats hilarious

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