Behavior starting to change??

  • He probably feels more comfortable and happy with your family and just let his real self show.
    It took one of my dog ,I got at 10 month old, at least 2 years to start playing.

  • A tired Basenji is a happy owner

  • thanks for the advice everyone, i will start exercising him more and see how that goes.. sharronhurlbut- i got him from a local rescue org..

  • I find a lot of times it's not just physical stimulation, but mental stimulation they need.

    They are thinking dogs and need challenges/exploring & training to keep them happy.

  • Basenjis seem to love Rally!
    Its quicker than agility, and seems like lots of fun for everyone.
    See if you can find a beginning Rally class.
    if nothing else, you will have a fun time…and learn to laugh at YOURSELF!

  • What is Rally? Link??

  • Here are some links to the two organizations that do Rally Obedience.

    Rally is a fun obedience sport and a nice way of continuing obedience education.

    I am not sure what was exactly meant by the comment that Rally is faster than Agility. I do both and my dogs really like agility, they cry for their turn on the on the course in class. A good beginners class or some places have a "for fun" class can also be a good way to get your dog some physical activity and mental stimulation.

  • I just watched my first Rally-and I was totally amazed! Shadow could really do this! I just haven't figured out yet if these matches are titled or not? Lisa, could you tell me?

  • Yes, Rally is a titling event. I am not quite sure how it works in Canada though my Agility instructor says it looks like a lot of fun because they use some of the agility obstacles in their Rally courses.

    In both AKC and APDT you can earn titles. You need to complete 3 trials with a qualifying score to earn a title. Nicky earned his AKC Rally Novice, RN, after 4 trials back on April 1, 2006. We don't really have any APDT trials around here but I hope to get a chance to try their trials soon.

  • We do have agility interspersed throughout from (I believe) advanced and beyond. I'll be putting the Boxenji in and Shadow. They could both easily (I believe) pass the Novice A course. And we also have to complete 3 legs to move on.

  • My hope is to live long enought to retire, then do rally with my 2 b's.
    It would be good for all of us.

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