Howdy everyone. i am a new basenji owner which i found at the local humane society (gasp!). i was not completly prepared to be an owner but he only days away from having to be put down. so, here i am for some support about all the things i should have known before i adopted him.

Hi Ripley! I got got my first basenji many years ago for $3.00 at the local humane society and what a bargain to get a full-blooded one at that price. You will be absolutely in love with your basenji and never want another kind of dog, but there may be occasions that you will be tempted to post a "FREE DOG" sign on your front door.

no kidding, so far he has cost me a new couch and i had to replace 90% of all the floors in my house when a shelf "somehow" got knocked over and broke a water line in my bathroom.

how old is your new holy terror ?? I know sandie cant be trusted alone for long unless she is crated and shes only 10 weeks old… only thing so far she has destroyed was the binding on a photo album... she escaped the enclousure we had her which my husband wanted me to get rid of her...maybe u can try obedience classes and read as much as u can on this breed...I read everything i could find online and knew how destructive B's can be from a friend that has 3...they kept thiers crated i thought that wasnt fair to the dog... but now i totally understand...but i like you am learning the in's and out's daily...I truley thank god for this forum it has so much information and alot of giggles 🙂 ... also everyone here is so helpful even with questions that you feel silly asking...:o ...

Ripley is just under 1 year, i have him in a crate, but obviously not a real sturdy one as he tore (or chewed) one of the bars completely off then bent enough of the others to escape. this past week i have been doing some obedience training, just basic stuff which he is picking up really fast, and it has made a world of differance….. until he gets upset at me or my daughters, then he chews somthing up. still working on that whole who is the boss thing

I'm sorry i had to giggle bout the crate… and who is boss ... i know how frustrating it is...Sandie is just a baby with no bad habits or training from others experienced or non experinced but she is a handful.. worse than any 2 year old... we just keep all the doors closed...and watch her closely... seems only time she is a good girl is when she's sleeping

Ripley bites, kicks, claws, snores, even runs in his sleep. Is that Sandie in the picture by your name? If so she is completely adorable. I really wish i knew Ripley when he was that young.

yes thats my baby girl… we aquired her at about 7 weeks old she was left to wait by her mommie and my son found her screaming her head off and brought her home.. i posted her story in stories and i posted more pictures of her in show offs... she is a handful... somedays im almost to wits end... that was yeasterday today she so far isnt as active...YET !!!!

Basenji Mix

I can relate to mine being a holy terror when we got him at 10 weeks old. I would get home from work and unwind in the garage for 5-10 minutes before going into the house to face Duke's needs! (I didn't want Duke to see me or wake up until I was ready for him.) Of course he wasn't potty trained so the second he was released from his bed (crate) I knew I'd be busy for the next 30 minutes outdoors and running him about. In the beginning on weekends, I put him in his crate (like putting a baby to nap) I covered his crate with a blanket. Being a very young puppy - he needed to rest when I needed a break. Believe me, I was ready to give him away a few times! But he was too cute so we're keeping him.

one time when we came home my girlfriend walked into the house while i was getting the baby out of the car. she came running back outside. yelling at me saying "You cant kill him, you just cant!". I walked in to find the most ungodly mess you ever seen. but i can honestly say that i have never lost my temper with him, just got very frustrated

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