• Hi All,

    I'm in Hawaii right now. I went into a pet store and there sat a 15 week old red and white boy. I asked about his background and they said that he just came in from Australia a couple of days ago. He is in great shape, had a great personality, great color neat little double curl tail, and even had his dew claws removed. They said that he comes with UKC paperwork and the paperwork to switch from UKC to AKC. I guess what I'm trying to get to here is - Are there puppy mills in Australia? I didn't ask for his name or anything…. Just curious as to whether other coutries have some of the same problems that we do....


  • I am sure there are (puppy sellers in Australia)… would love to know the breeding to ask the breeders that I know in Australia about him..... While many say they do not have the problems we have... we all really know that is not true. Especially in Europe where spay/neuter is not the normal.... but the exception.....

    Not sure what switching from UKC would have to do with AKC.. but dogs that come from other countries with a "real" kennel club registery can be re-registered with AKC

  • And while I believe that Aussie Basenjis do have dew claws removed, many countries in Europe can't remove them….....

  • One thing that amazed me was his great condition - he didn't look like your standard pet store basenji. He also looked like he had been groomed - nails and all recently. They said that he arrived two days ago.

  • Oh and also, within a minute of talking to the little guy, my husband and I got two yodels out of him!! The pet store people kind of freaked when they heard it.

  • Who am I with two B-mixes - but after reading and learning everything about Basenji's on this forum and on-line . . . Get your next Basenji from a reputable breeder. You're on vacation in Hawaii?? Enjoy yourselves! omg - everything's not about the B's - right??? No offense - just have a good time - "don't worry - be happy", "hang ten" and have a Mai Tai…:)

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