• SO Jack wont drink water while he's outside on his leash at home. When ever we put him out to pee or we put him out and go somewhere for a few hours, (weather permitting) I ALWAYS make sure to clean out his water dish, fill it with fresh cold water and out it in the shade in his reach and when we get home, its ALL still there completely untouched (full to the rim the way i left it) and he'll come inside run the full circle of the house and then he will go to his inside water dish (or the toilet…bad dog) and drink away!! ive even put out his inside waterdish as well to see if he'll drink from that one (for only a basenji would know the reason) and STILL it goes untouched until i bring it inside, (then he'll drink from it) whats the difference lol!!?? WHAT? Why? Im not really worried about it, i know hes not getting too hot or anything outside, he has Full shade except one spot where he lays in the sun, Plenty of running space, and shelter too (and i supply LOTS of water) but i am wondering why he prefers to drink while hes inside...its not that way at the dog park!! (ive even put in Ice cubes thinking maybe he wants it colder...) I dont know, any ideas??😕

  • He does it because…..... he can! 🙂

  • Yeah…they're weird like that!

  • so i shouldnt worry about him getting dehydrated? or anything like that?? WELL thats a relief!!

  • We have a real hard time getting ours to drink outside as well. Before we got our puppy, I the other 2 would never drink outside, yet they would go upstairs and drink the water from their bowl there when we let them in. (we keep a water bowl in our bathroom so they are not trying to get into the toilet). Even when we had a bowl inside downstairs, they would ignore it to use the upstairs bowl.

    Now, with the puppy they are getting better and they get fresh water every morning in one of the water cooler looking bowls so they have plenty and it is definitely down each day. But, we can let them in and they will stand at the bottom of the stairs (we use a baby gate there) until we let them up and they will rush up to the bowl and drink it there, instead of going out to a nice bowl on the deck.

  • well, at least i now know there are other b's out there who just have a preference i guess…I just hope he's getting enough to drink!

  • Remember the saying, "You Can Lead a Horse to Water But You Can't Make Him Drink, guess it goes for Basenjis as well. Haha!!!!!! When he is thirsty he will drink wherever it is available.

  • It's like a little kid wanting Mom or Dad to bring them a glass of kitchen water, not bathroom water, at bedtime.

  • grr, he's so random…oh well!!

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