My crew :)

Daisy Duke, my ~ 2 yo Catahoula. We adopted her about 3 months ago from virginia through C.U.R.S. (Catahoula United Rescue Society).

Maserati, aka: Masi, my 1 yo Weimaraner. We adopted her last year when she was 10 weeks old, from a bad breeder who was going to put her down :(.

The girls together in a beautiful sit-stay 🙂

And the B-boys, Burrito (brindle, 7 mos and sid the red/white 1.5 yo)

The Pussy Incognito, aka: The Kitten. She's 5 1/2 yo, and we've had her since she was a very small kitten, she's still VERY small for a kitty!

Abner the EVIL kitty, he is ~7 yo, and we took him in when he was ~3 yo from a friend who couldn't keep him.

I do have two cockateils named Szechuan and Corky, and 5 ferrets: Goose, Czar, Akira, Boodha, and Meeco Cheeco. But I didn't feel like adding pictures of all them, I've added quite a few already 🙂

Thanks for your photos. I would love to see more animal pictures! Go ahead…show us the rest!!!

Wow! They are all so adorable…and diverse! You aren't kidding when you say, "pet Lover"! That is so wonderful, I truly admire (and envy) all people who have multiple animals and do adoptions and rescues too. I chose a basenji due to horrible allergies and asthma, but I would LOVE to have many, many animals of all kinds. Thanks for a glimpse into a world I can only dream of...I'd love to see the rest of the crew too...

Yes,you are a pet lover, I have 2 cats, one 17 years, and one 10yrs. and only 1 Basenji. My sister has 5 cats, 2 dogs, a rabbit, and a lizard, one of her cats she rescued from Pet smart. She lookes alot like your gray cat, and it also looked just like a gray one she had to put down. Please show more animal pictures.

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