• Daisy Duke, my ~ 2 yo Catahoula. We adopted her about 3 months ago from virginia through C.U.R.S. (Catahoula United Rescue Society).

    Maserati, aka: Masi, my 1 yo Weimaraner. We adopted her last year when she was 10 weeks old, from a bad breeder who was going to put her down :(.

    The girls together in a beautiful sit-stay 🙂

    And the B-boys, Burrito (brindle, 7 mos and sid the red/white 1.5 yo)

    The Pussy Incognito, aka: The Kitten. She's 5 1/2 yo, and we've had her since she was a very small kitten, she's still VERY small for a kitty!

    Abner the EVIL kitty, he is ~7 yo, and we took him in when he was ~3 yo from a friend who couldn't keep him.

    I do have two cockateils named Szechuan and Corky, and 5 ferrets: Goose, Czar, Akira, Boodha, and Meeco Cheeco. But I didn't feel like adding pictures of all them, I've added quite a few already 🙂

  • Thanks for your photos. I would love to see more animal pictures! Go ahead…show us the rest!!!

  • Wow! They are all so adorable…and diverse! You aren't kidding when you say, "pet Lover"! That is so wonderful, I truly admire (and envy) all people who have multiple animals and do adoptions and rescues too. I chose a basenji due to horrible allergies and asthma, but I would LOVE to have many, many animals of all kinds. Thanks for a glimpse into a world I can only dream of...I'd love to see the rest of the crew too...

  • Yes,you are a pet lover, I have 2 cats, one 17 years, and one 10yrs. and only 1 Basenji. My sister has 5 cats, 2 dogs, a rabbit, and a lizard, one of her cats she rescued from Pet smart. She lookes alot like your gray cat, and it also looked just like a gray one she had to put down. Please show more animal pictures.

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