• Hello All,

    I just wanted to post that there is a basenji group meeting at the Crest Lake Leash Free dog park in Clearwater Florida on Sunday around 11am.

    If you live near by, please join us and post if you are planning on coming. The more the merrier!:D

  • Here is the link with information and directions to the park.


  • Wish I could've hooked up with you folks in the Clearwater Tampa area when I was down a few weeks ago - but timing is everything.

    When you're done - go over to Frenchies for me on the beach and eat a Grouper Sandwich!

  • they do not allow the dogs:(

  • what? 35 views and no locals attending that read this board? i am surprised.

  • This is the lovely picture of basenji silence after a day at the dog park.

    We had a great meet! Anne and Don brought their 3 ( Nikki- tri fem, Topper- black male, and Eddie- tri male). Beth brought her 2 (Bella-tri fem and Frank- red male), a new couple brought their 3 (newborn baby, Eshi - red fem, and a 5yr old german shepard named Molly just introduced to the family,) and I had my two (Caesar- red male, and Cairo - brindle male).

    We also met out of the blue, a couple who had adopted a brindle female that was named Dreammaker. She was very timid, but had fun meeting the pack.

    There were crazy basenji runs, squirell chases and the normal chaos and fun that comes with a pack!

    We had a great time. Hopefully pictures will follow.

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