• Rowdy was lying on the carpet by the glass door when he shifted and the curtain got caught on his head. Instead of moving he stayed that was quite awhile! Long enough for me to get a couple of good photos. Here is one:


  • Basenji Lovers, you will be mad at me. I have had to put Rowdy into the BRAT application for adoption. I have suffered a week with this decision and will suffer long after, I know. He is so lovable and funny and darling.

    My friend found him in a shelter after he'd been turned in by a previous owner. He is approx. 4 years old. My friend saved him and thought I'd be an ideal forever owner for Rowdy, and I agreed. But he was an unknown quantity and now I find his only big fault in my eyes is that he chases and bites the two cats I've had for years and years and which I love very much, too. My house is small and open and hard to make into two areas for cats and dogs. I don't want Rowdy to be an outdoor dog, as he loves to be with humans. So that is why I'm looking for a new home.

    I'll keep him for as long as it takes. He needs a basenji experienced owner, even though he is mostly good. He does get into the trash and anything else he can find to do. He is crate trained, I think, as he goes in his crate to eat very readily. He is submissive to my other dog, though he teases my mom's poodles a little. He is just so funny and likable, I hope I can find the perfect place for him, without cats or very small dogs.

    If you know of someone in the western area, mention him to them. I live in Reno, NV, and can not travel myself. (I'm disabled with arthritis, which is another problem – Rowdy is too quick for me to squirt him for chasing the cats)

  • Well you have done the right thing, so don't feel bad….... sometimes things don't work and I am sure that BRAT will find him a great home....

  • Don't feel bad. Lots a of basenjis can't live with cats…and you never know with a rescue, until you try.

    Thanks for contacting BRAT...they will help both of you.

  • @JeepJeep:

    Rowdy was lying on the carpet by the glass door when he shifted and the curtain got caught on his head. Instead of moving he stayed that was quite awhile! Long enough for me to get a couple of good photos. Here is one:

    This is a really cute picture!!

    I'm sorry to know you can't keep Rowdy. I've been following his progress from the beginning with his rescue by your friend. I'm sad too. 😕

  • Today has been rough with Rowdy. I have a feeling he is beginning to be comfortable here at my house and sure of his own worth, so he thinks he cuold be more important than the cats and the poodles. He's testing the pecking order, I think. Of course, he doesn't test Jenny, since she's top dog. Rowdy is so happy about it all. A smile continually plays around his mouth. I wish I was young and strong. I'd take him to obedience school and also try different methods of teaching a dog to accept cats. In the past I was very good at obedience trials and classes with my dogs.

    Do any of you know how long it takes with the BRAT group to respond and place a dog? Not that I'm in a terrible hurry, just wondering.

  • Cute photo…sorry to hear about Rowdy but BRAT is a wonderful organization...I adopted my Jojo from BRAT...they are careful about where they place the dogs and they have support for issues that may arise after the adoption...

  • He seems like quite a cute personality. So calm to sit like that quiet, but to even get into that position is so cute….

    How long have you had him? My rescue took about 8months to settle into a home with another basenji and 4 cats. When she hit the 6month mark with our family she began to challenge all of the animals for alpha position.

    I spent a few solid weeks of her leash tied to my belt so she understood that the home was my territory not hers. She would chase, growl and paw at the cats, pee in my basenji boy's kennel and chew on everything.

    I never put her through obedience training because she died before she could start. BUT, after a few weeks of that and restricting her movement, she settled in.

    My cats were all adult and had been with me for a good 6years before any dogs joined the pack. They always chased. 2 of the cats would sit in the same room, but always had an escape route or shelf, fridge, or area that the dogs couldnt reach.

    That is a hard situation. I chose to find my cats new homes through interviews and an ad in the paper. They are all doing well. I have always seen myself as a cat person first, but knew that my basenjis were to unique in personality to find a good home compared to the cats would be hard.

    My life is so great now. I love those cats like you wouldnt believe, they walked on leashes and were great.

    Now, I can leave dishes in the sink! I sleep soundly through the night. AND, there arent little furr balls rolling around. And no litter to keep clean.

    These decisions are never easy. I wish you the best. I was never able to get all of my cats and basenjis to cohabitate without chasing.

    It took me a good 2 years before I could decide it was better to split the group up. I wish you the best and your basenji looks like a wonderful companion for anyone.

  • Yes, my husband suggested I find homes for the cats instead, but one cat I've had for 13 years and I love him dearly and the other is young but so shy, I'm not sure she'd find a good home. I think it will be easier to find Rowdy a good home, at least I hope so. Today he's been a good boy. This is hard.

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