• Hi all, remember Rowdy, the basenji fella who was adopted in S. Ca by my friend and then given to me? He and my cats didn't get along so I put him up for adoption on the BRAT website. They found him a good home. Anyway I wrote an article about Rowdy and it was published in Pet Folio, a Reno based pet magazine that is really neat to read. They also have an internet site, and the Rowdy article is on it, if you are intereseted. Here is the link http://www.petfoliomagazine.com/. I had to cut my whole article down quite a lot because in the first draft I had info on this forum and more funny stories of his mischief plus info on BRAT and Shirley who found him his home. But the magazine only allows 600 words, so that all had to be left out! I still think of Rowdy and I like this forum for helping me and welcoming me to the world of basenji, even though I couldn't keep him.

  • I remember you JeepJeep! You are an awsome dog person who really cares. You did what you could and saved Rowdy and of course taking time to go thru the BRAT channel for him. Do you know how he's doing in his new home - is that possible? I hope he's doing great and you too!

  • Shirley the Brat coordinator found him a home in N. CA with a woman who'd had basenjis for a long time and just lost her last one. She is an older woman newly retired, I think, so Rowdy would have someone home a lot. I think she has a Chihuahua, too, and I wonder how that worked out… ;o) Rowdy got a long with my mom's little poodles. It was just the cats and my birds that he wanted to prey upon. I hope he's happy.

  • So happy to hear that Rowdy found his forever home 🙂 And a great article that you wrote about him will immortalize him forever 😃

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