Found Baby Pictures

I found baby pictures of our Lola! I just happened to be checking out the breeders website and noticed a link to the website of her mother's owner. We got Lola when she was almost a year and a half, so this discovery was really exciting! Below are some of my favorite pictures. There were also descriptions of what she was like as a baby. Very cool!

BTW, if Taji Olive's owners are out there in Basenji Forum land…thanks for putting the pictures online!

Week 1

Week 3

Week 6

They're all crossed out-I can't see them!!

Oh, no! Maybe it's because I stole them :o . Here's the link. It's better anyway, because you can read the little descriptions.

That is so cute with the beagle, thanks for sharing.

Yes those are cute but I'm sorry I can't help but imagine what's in store for the new owners of those little packages of energy. (-:

I love how the ears just suddenly "sproing" up!

If I weren't being driven so crazy by Keoki constantly getting into the garbage and counter surfing, I'd be getting a serious case of puppy lust!

Oh we had a day today – the kind that makes me ask, "WHY did I want a puppy?" LOL, but then he looks at me and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I remember!

That is very cute! I thought that might be the litter she was from, for some reason. Nice litter, nice parents!

How sweet to have baby pictures!! I've always wished I had baby pictures of the dogs I've adopted as adults. I've only had one puppy–that was my B Max.

Love those baby pictures!

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