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  • Sacramento California
    I started fostering Bosco in November. He is four years old, Tri color, and handsome.
    Bosco loves to go on walks. He is very curious and friendly on walks.
    Bosco sleeps nicely with me in the bed.
    Once he gets to know you, he is very snuggly and will happily sit in a chair with you for hours.
    Bosco knows his name and knows how to sit, come, stay, and down.
    Bosco yodels when he is happy and when he comes in from a walk.
    Bosco plays nicely with our 4-year-old basenji female. They happily wrestle, tug toys, and run the basenji 500 around the house.
    Bosco has had all of his vaccinations.
    He has atopic dermatitis, he is on cytopoint and apoquel which has reduced his discomfort. He eats a unique protein food to reduce any possible allergens.
    Bosco is on Prozac and takes Trazadone and Gabapentin before he goes to the vet.
    Bosco has fear aggression. He will whimper if approached while lying down. If the human or dog waits until Bosco agrees to be touched, he will let you pet his sides, back and head. However, Bosco will bite if the human or dog does not let him overcome his fear.
    Although he wants a playmate, my house is not the best furever home because I have three other basenjis, one of whom he does not get along with at all.
    Because he has a bite history, BRAT cannot sponsor him on their website.
    Please help me find a good home for Bosco!

  • Do you mind sharing your general location? UK, USA, or ____? Area, region, or state?
    Do you want/need any kind of a rehoming fee?
    What about possible transportation?
    And/or things you are looking or hoping for for Bosco's new home and humans?

    The more information, the easier it will be for people to determine if it's realistic for them to inquire about Bosco. Else wise, you may find yourself weeding through inquiries all over the globe. (Most of us our softies and would jump at another B.) A pic would be great, as well.

  • @elbrant I live in Sacramento California. I can transport him to 7-8 hours from here, he does really well in the car with us. I think an basenji underground railroad transport would be too stressful for him.
    No rehoming fee, BRAT paid for most of his vetting already. A good family can have his supply of meds, toys, and calming devices.
    The perfect home would be:

    • one very playful but not dominant dog
    • people who like to walk, very patient, and understand how to deal with fear aggression,
    • no small children, or prey companion animals
    • fenced in yard,

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