• We were told he might be a Corgi/JRT mix, but so much of him fits Basenji. Here is what I'm thinking:

    He has that "air raid siren" yodel
    He talks to me making all kinds of interesting sounds
    He licks clean his face and paws
    He doesn't have a dog smell
    He has forehead wrinkles
    He is very smart
    He is very muscular (the vet even commented on how muscular he is)
    He bonded quickly with my husband and me, but everyone else is suspect and is not allowed to approach him
    He has dark spots on his skin under his fur
    Ears are erect
    Chases animals, small and deer
    Doesn't like other dogs
    His tail curls up over his back

    The shape of his face is wrong
    He is a little small for a Basenji, 20lbs,15"
    His legs aren't particularly long
    The copper brown color on his torso is broken with white.

    I'm happy to hear any comments!



  • JR can be mistaken for a Basenji, I would agree that he would be a JR/Corgi mix... only way to know for sure is by doing a DNA and see what comes up with... regardless he is very cute and for sure you are welcome here. Many dogs have a tail that would curl over the back, Basenji tails curl over the back but lay down on the back not upright... The short legs might indicate a corgi... and/or a mix of corgi and Rat Terrier, years ago the Basenji was used in this breed(rat terrier)... and the "howl" is not the same as a yodel... so to speak... but again, he is very cute...

  • Thanks for the reply. He obviously is not pure Basenji, but I think a big "chunk" of him must be!
    I looked on YouTube and found Basenji sounds, Mojo (my dog) sounds exactly like them. Do other dogs make these sounds?
    He also has the spots on his skin. Do other breeds have them?

  • @golfdiva
    He is adorable - agree w/ @ Tanza many dogs breeds have some of the basenji characteristics. He very well could be part basenj but the only way to know for sure is a DNA test. Regardless- he’s a lucky to have found a loving home. Enjoy him and keep us posted if you find out for sure his genealogy. 🐾❤

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