• Hi all,

    So I'm wondering is there some sort of rivalry between these two dog breeds??

    I take my little Titan for a walk and he's fine with most dogs, ie ignores or has a quick look back and sniff. However, when ever we come across a Collie (That's ANY Collie), he seems to get riled up. The Collie, also seems to want to have a bit of a fight!.

    Now this is getting annoying as we are starting to see more collies round my neck of the woods. So, was wondering is this some sort of hierarchy thing? Where one is challenging the other or are they both just being dogs? Ohh forgot to mention little T isn't snipped so maybe this is a factor?

    Viknkrish !

  • Nothing between these two breeds that I am aware of. I had both at the same time and they got along fine. Two Basenji bitches with a neutered male Border Collie, and later one bitch and one neutered male Basenji with the same Border Collie, zero issues. Of course the two breeds are polar opposites. Border Collies are as obedient as it gets, Basenjis not so much. How old is your boy? And how many Collies in your area? Border Collies need a job. I feel sorry for the ones I see being walked on leash and restricted in their movements. It can make them crazy. My boy never had a leash on except when we went to the vet's. He was a farm dog, totally reliable for recall, stay, down, whatever I said he did. No leash required, ever.

  • Agree with eeeefarm.... no reason that I know of... just that your Basenji is getting "vibes" from these dogs...?

  • @eeeefarm Thank you for getting back to me. My boys 19month so he's not a puppy but not an adult yet. I'd say there are about 3 Collies in my area, all on leash and definately not used as working dogs.

    Will keep an eye on this and see how it progresses. Hopefully something he will snap out of when he gets a bit older.

  • Doodle has a Collie pal (Ezra) whom she will sit and wait for when she spots him in the distance. They don't rough house on leash, but I'm sure they would have a blast in and enclosed area. On the flip side, Doodle went after a dog at the local dog park yesterday evening. I didn't see what started it, but it upset me any way. Oddly enough, there was another dog that looked almost identical to the one she (aggressively) interacted with, no problem with the look-alike. Leads me to think that "issues" are not generalized, but more specific.

  • If you pay attention, there may be some subtleties that might give you a clue. Dogs pay close attention to body language. He may see the Collies as a threat because of something not easily noticeable, and perhaps he is generalizing if one of them has given him bad vibes and the others look similar enough for him to consider them a threat. My boy really didn't like small white fluffy dogs, I have no idea why....but perhaps because many were noisy and wanted to get in his face.

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