Buster Cube Video

Here is a video of Nexa being introduced to the Buster Cube. I think she would still be rolling it around if I didn't put it up:D


I can't get in it! Is there a trick??

oh yeah!! C3PO is in love with his cube..he can roll that thing forever! 🙂


I can't get in it! Is there a trick??

If you try again it should work now.

I gotta get me one of them and let the five of them go after it!

Wow, that's a great toy! I saw there is something to eat comming out of the cube, is that right? I think it would be great for my Ruja. It will for sure distract her attention from hiding shoes and socks:)

We have a cube just like that!

Our female can carry it around in her mouth, by holding it in her mouth by the hole.

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