• Recently, my 9 month old basenji will sit by my bedroom door whinning. I'll open the door to let her roam but nothing seems to settle her. I like to shut my door to keep an eye when in night classes / watching tv to not bug my roommates. We go on 3 walks a day (15 mins each) and play plenty. Sometimes I really just do need to focus on work and I cant figure out what shes whinning for. *note having to go to the bathroom is not the cause as I will take her down and she tinkles a bit and that's it!!! Any suggestions or things to do to keep her busy? I have tried lick mats, some games, kong balls...

  • @basenjinyla
    She just wants to be with you.

  • @basenjinyla is she trying to get into the bedroom to be with you or out of the bedroom? Could she be coming into season?

  • Call her into your room before you close the door. She will settle down and let you do your thing without requiring you to "entertain" her. Watch TV, work, talk on the phone, etc. At the most you will need to reach over and pet her once in a while. (If you are on the bed, allow her on the bed with you. If that's an "issue", make sure she has a comfy spot of her own in your room.)

  • She is in the room with me. She has full freedom to get onto my bed as I allow it (we snuggle all night). After awhile she will come up and join and nap, some days take longer than others

  • Jengo and Logan HATE closed doors. They scratch, whine, and generally go nuts anytime they come in to contact with a closed door. I was never able to break Jengo of it, and Logan doesn’t put up with it either. Once I open the door they’re fine. Sparkle doesn’t care. I go in to the bathroom, close the door and it’s a whine and scratch fest with the boys. I think they just want to know what’s happening everywhere and have access to everywhere.

    It could also be that 15 minutes isn’t enough. “A tired Basenji is a happy Basenji.“ She may be trying to tell you that she wants to be active for longer than that.

  • You could try a baby gate at the door instead so she can see what's going on but not escape.

    Has she has her first heat cycle yet? They can become unsettled in the lead up to it.

  • Three 15 minute walks a day is not nearly enough ! Try a couple of hours at least, morning and evening. If I do 2 - 3 miles, the boys cover at least 5 or 6, probably quite a bit more. These are hunting hounds and they need exercise - to be able to run and run !

    She is just not tired enough and probably also bored.

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