Cry Baby!

Since adopting Shilagh in December she has been wonderful. Now that the weather is getting nice we have opened the windows and doors. This is driving Shi absolutely crazy. She is crying and whining and pacing uncontrollably. I can only suppose she smells all the new things in the spring air. I can't continue closing the doors and windows. What should I do?

Irish Basenjis, I love it.

How is she after a long long walk? Our guys used to have similar responses as the weather changed in Doylestown, but getting them out and "tired!" seemed to help.

Which of your pair is in the picture? Mick or Shilagh? Very handsome/cute.


I think more exercise is the key, also get her into a training class.
It will tire you both out.

You need to work on calming her – I've done this with mine by making sure I ignore the outside noises, yawning and sighing when there's noises, anything to show her that as alpha dog you choose to ignore the outside distractions and she will catch on -- it does take some time though. You might have her do some sit+reward or other behavior+reward to help her calm down when she hears the noises.

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