• Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for a behavioralist in the DC area? Despite being socialized from a young age with both humans and dogs, our basenji has become increasingly aggressive towards other dogs over the past year. It started off towards puppies in the park. We stopped taking her because it got too bad, and chose to socialize her with other family/friends dogs. She also has become aggressive on leash, particularly towards dogs that live on/around our block. Most recently, she has started becoming aggressive towards the owners of our neighboring dogs, even when they do not have their dogs with them. We have been working with her on leash, and she has been improving her ability to be distracted with a treat for most dogs, but some dogs still agitate her. I want to find a behavioralist to help us understand her behavior and take steps towards correcting it. Any recommendations on behavioralists in the DC area? I know basenjis are unique in their behavior and would love someone who understands the breed. Thanks in advance!

  • Basenjis are typically aggressive on leash... especially if they believe that their "space is being challenged".... even with people they know but not that well and if they have dogs, they smell/scent their dogs on them. Have them sit and let the neighbors give them a treat, do not have them reach for them and then have them talk to you and ignore the Basenji... and let them walk away. Basenjis to NOT want a dog or person that they really do not know to crowd their space when on lead. Consider this, would you like to have someone invade your space when you are confined like being on leash?

  • @tanza said in Behavioralist in the DC area?:

    Basenjis are typically aggressive on leash...

    And she is so right. My two are perfect angels running free, meeting and greeting a plethora of other canines in the woods, but approaching the carpark again, they go on leads. I do not trust motorists.

    That is when they will snarl at dogs they have just been racing and chasing with ! It doesn't worry me because I know that, once loose again tomorrow, all will be sunshine and light.

    I think she is feeling vulnerable being on a leash the whole time.

  • @vizzy
    I'm experiencing exactly the same. My dog nearly 2 years now, becomes increasingly aggressive towards dogs and neighbour's.
    I don't have an idea how to react to this.
    I had already 3 times a dog trainer here, but so far none could help. The breed is very little known, also with the comportementalists. Very hard to find someone who can help.
    I feel really desperate with this situation

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