Here is our girl. We are pretty sure a border collie basenji mix. From the local shelter, 10 months old and was listed as border collie/lab. 90% black with white "socks" and a white flash on the chest and top of her nose. Does she look "Basenji" to the experts?


@soycory She's a beauty. Does she look Basenji.... hmmm. Need more pictures. Preferably a standing profile. Also one showing how she carries her tail. Border Collie could definitely account for the white flashes and feet. The ears though. Those ears don't say Border Collie or Lab to me at all. DNA test!!

Very cute. That "devil" look is certainly Basenji like.

Only way to know is a DNA test. Fast and cheap.

I do know Luna is a beauty

@soycory A neighbor has a Black Belgian Malinois. That might be another possibility. dunno. Do know she's a pretty girl. Great name. 😘

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