I always add lemon slices to my ice water to give it some flavor other than…. none. Today I dropped a lemon wedge and Keoki, thinking it was some valuable something, jumped and grabbed it quick as a flash.

I wish I'd had a video camera on him at the time. He wouldn't give it up, but didn't seem to like it either. He would grab it, drop it, shake his head, lick his lips, grab it, drop it, shake his head, lick his lips... you get the picture.

Goofy dog; it was hilarious!

Ha ha….mine does that with oranges. It's the only food I can leave unattended. He tried it once and has yet to return for a second round!

We have an orange tree in our backyard and I opened one and left it in the yard. I went into the kitchen to spy on her reaction. She licked it, ran off, ran back, paw played and licked it again and ran off in a crazy run.

They are so cute!!

Did he pucker his lips? LOL

Jack likes bread slices…lol, they are his favorite treats

Mica likes pancake pieces.

BaMica's mom

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