Hello from Toronto!

Hi I’m Meg and I’m new here. Looking for a breeder in Ontario.

This is the list of breeders who belong to the Basenji Club of Canada: http://www.basenjiclubofcanada.com/bcoc-breedersdirectory-html

Check in with Skywalker Basenji. He’s going to have pups coming soon- ready for feb 2021. I’ve been chatting with him. Find him on FB and send a message. He’s pretty great at responding. I’m in Mississauga. hey Neighbour!! Note he’s out in Quebec / but it probably easier then looking southside.

It's a bit of a hike from T.O. but Sanda Allen from Africanadian Basenji's in Petawawa is amazing and her basenji's are the best ....ok I am biased! :).

@christineo hi neighbour! Thank you I did send a message. Let’s hope I get a positive reply back 🙂

@meghedy I’m from Toronto too, got my pup from skywalker, it was about a 4.5-5 hour drive when I picked up my little guy.

@d-melo I joined the Skywalker family! Can’t wait to meet my puppies in February 🙈

@meghedy our pups will be siblings!!!!! I’ll be going to pick up in Feb too. Yay!!

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