• Want to give an update, my boy Thor would become overly aggressive and bitting became a “Big” problem. My husband and I are on the same page “now”. I saw a tech for this very problem and I am sure many of you are going to disagree, but it is working. Every time Thor starts to bite and no” is not working and he becomes overly stimulated and excited and I can’t stop him from nipping and bitting....I stick my finger deep in his throat (no he doesn’t clamp down)....sorta like gaging Him or pressing on roof of his mouth.., if he does not stop and bite is harder than I expect from mouthing, I will repeat the technique ....he stops, and appropriately mouths and licks my hand. Good boy.

    If he begins too inappropriately bite I say no bite, show him my finger, now he hesitates. It is no longer a big problem. I do not allow any escalation of excitement when playing with him, I walk away, if he grabs my pants or try’s to bite me....I show him the dreaded finger. He is smart and he knows this is not a ball game and no 3 strikes....
    being a young dog he gets easily excited and Still doesn’t know when to stop sometimes. If by chance he does grab at me, I use the technique and biting and nipping is over. He loves to petted and stroked and praised....he gets a lot of that too.
    This little trick has done more for Thor and us than all the “No”s.....put together.
    So if you have a biter.....IJS...

  • I am glad this is working for you. It is a useful technique that I hesitate to recommend because you need to be confident to do it, and unafraid of taking a bite if things go that way. Many people will jerk their hand away if the dog does start to clamp down, which will result in more damage than if you persist and keep your finger in there until he quits trying to bite. But obviously he is getting the message, and that's a good thing!

    Getting forum advice is very useful as you can sift through what people suggest and find what works for you. Not all dogs respond in the same way, and not all techniques work for all people. And it bears repeating, "the only thing two trainers can agree on is that the third is doing it wrong!" 😄

  • @eeeefarm seems to be working well...I had to put on my big girl trousers...I wanted to keep all ten digits if possible. LOL
    I have found with me experimenting a bit.... if you can be quick while your finger is deep in the mouth , (like passing a pill) he doesn’t seem inclined to close or even try to bite. that’s a good thing. I have never had him throw up, wretch, or gag, it seems to be just unpleasant enough while reinforcing the words no bite. I too don’t suggest it will work with every dog, but Thor was way past the just say no mark. I wish I had know about this technique during his 1st year I was trying to set boundaries for him. Our time now is spent playing, walking and even a cuddle or two.

  • Thanks for the update!!!
    I'm glad you found something that works for you.

  • @sandy-hovis, totally agree with you. I didn’t want to do this but did it after redirecting to toys and positive reinforcement did not work. Did work (:

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