• Hi, I’m new here.

    Does anyone know any breeders along the jersey shore? I’m in south-east NJ (south ocean county) & would love to find more basenji breeders to choose from.

    I see there’s a couple of great ones in/near NJ, but both are 2 hrs or more from me. I will drive if I have to, but I just want to explore more options & don’t love the idea of stressing a puppy with a long drive. ...Finding a great breeder is obviously high priority, but finding a good breeder closer would be great.

    Thank you!

  • You most likely will have to do some travel... you can research responsible breeders in the Northern at www.basenji.org by state. I doubt that you will find a responsible closer to you

  • Thank you

  • I lived in New Jersey and had to travel to Virginua to get a basenji. Best trip I ever made.

  • That distance is not that bad to find a reputable breeder. We drove from northern Michigan to Rockford Illinois and to Milwaukee Wisconsin to get (2) of our Basenjis, would do it again. Two of the best Basenjis we have had.

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