Pet Travel and Safety Precautions

    1. It goes without saying, but just to be sure... verify the plane you fly on has pressurized and air temp control. MOST that do not only ship in certain weather. Don't assume, ask. Years ago I only used Delta Cargo for dogs, because they let me and or owner sit holding them until they loaded them. After deaths, Delta has dramatically changed their shipping... either ON the plane with you, or through Cargo.

    Cargo: For pets that are ineligible to travel in the cabin, as carry-on, we can safely ship your pet with Delta cargo. Learn more about eligible animals, booking, shipping instructions and fees for shipping your pet in cargo. Book online with or call 1-800-352-2746 for additional assistance with your pet cargo travel. <<
    Our specially trained ground handlers offer your pets personalized care at every step of their journey. Temperature-controlled vans and holding areas in select stations prevent exposure to extreme temperatures. We also offer kenneling services to ensure your animals are well-fed and exercised during their overnight stay with us.<<

      Pet Travel: experts since 1998 assisting pet owners on traveling with a pet
      "Contrary to popular belief, pets aren’t crammed with luggage in a deep dark hole in the bottom of the plane. Actually, pets are loaded into a temperature and pressurized compartment separate from luggage. They are also the last to be loaded onto the plane and the first to come off. "

    2. Don't ship your snub nosed dogs in cargo, or make sure weather cool, add cooling pads and make sure pet goes on last, off first. Don't lie about your dog's health. Don't give your dog tranquilizers. (According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, in most cases, dogs should not be given sedatives or tranquilizers prior to flying. An animal's natural ability to balance and maintain equilibrium is altered under sedation, which can be dangerous when the kennel is moved.) Acclimate your dog to crates. These account for roughly half or more of pet deaths in flying.

    Of 189 flight-related animal deaths reported by the Department of Agriculture between June 2005 and June 2011, ninety-eight were brachycephalic breeds, according to The New York Times.<<

    0_1525964214004_travel stats.JPG

    Car Travel... not as safe as you may think

    Nothing is totally safe. Reports are estimates, but thousands of dogs die in car wrecks in the US each year. Research on car restraints and most crates failed safety tests. At best, a restraint may keep your dog from being a projectile unless you choose one of the 4 tested ones passing CPS ( ).

    The CPS purchased a variety of harnesses and the testing occurred in two phases. Each harness was first subjected to a preliminary strength test; if the harness remained intact during the strength test, it would continue on to the crash test portion of the evaluation. Of the 11 harnesses that claim crash protection, only seven passed the initial strength portion of the test and therefore qualified for the crash test evaluation. The systems were tested using specially designed crash test dummy dogs in three sizes: a 25 lb. Terrier mix, a 45 lb. Border Collie, and a 75 lb. Golden Retriever.

    The Sleepypod Clickit Utility was the top performer. The dog remained restrained during every test and was deemed to offer protection to not only the pet, but to the passengers in the car.<<

    They also tested crates. No wire crate was safe. And unless you have a small dog, prepare to pay a lot for safe ones for big dogs.

    Car or plane, check with your vet, with AMVA safety info, and make your own decisions.


  • @debradownsouth OR, hire a private jet with pilot to get you and your pup there. 😉

  • @elbrant said in Pet Travel and Safety Precautions:

    @debradownsouth OR, hire a private jet with pilot to get you and your pup there. 😉

    ROFLMAO. Or get the Enterprise to beam you there! I swear I never want to move far again. We are in walking distance from our vet, btw. My dogs are going to forget what car rides are like.

  • I drove my dog in such a cage
    she sits there calmly. likes to look around. I saw a lot of videos on YouTube
    and decided to buy a cage for a dog

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