Bourbon and Ruby

This is Bourbon, a 5 year old Serengeti from Ocala and Ruby, a Hacker basenji from Indiana who turned 14 this year - in one of their favorite positions! Ruby is doing pretty well physically but some dementia is starting to set in. Hopefully she'll be with us a lot longer - I know Bourbon's going to miss her as much as we will when she's gone!
Dave & Joan - Bradenton


@daveampjoanskup - Sweet babies. My first boy back in 1991 was sired by a Serengeti dog....

What an endearing photo.

So wonderful...looks like my little guy, whom I rescued at 1 1/2 and was so snarky....but is now grown up and a wonderful guy! What is a "hacker Basenji"??? Thanks

"Hacker" refers to the kennel that bred the dog.

Correct. I don't think they are breeding any longer - but they were near Indianapolis.

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