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    She may or may not have Senj in her blood. The first pic is her at 8 months. We had just gotten her. She was very slender then but she bulked up a lot.
    The second picture is her now.

    She is too big and bulky to be full Senj but I thought she may have a little floating around in there. I could be totally wrong, though. Thanks!

  • She makes the funniest yodeling sounds when she's being impatient or when she just wakes up and yawns. She's telepathic (I swear) and she's pretty aggressive towards strangers and other dogs but 100% loving to us and her dogsisters. She's cool with our cat unless our other cat-hating dogs are in the room. Then she acts all rude towards the kitty. When they are alone together, they have been known to nap beside each other. And she is so, so, SO smart. Unbelievably smart.

  • She's a rescue, btw.

  • The only way to know is a dna test, but what a cutie.

  • That sounds like Basenji behavior. She looks to have husky in her as well. I'm definitely no expert. I love her look.

  • Can anyone recommend a doggie DNA testing company? It seems I've read they aren't very helpful sometimes?? I could be wrong. I've often thought she may be a husky mix because of her blue eye and her build (stocky and powerful). If what I have read is correct, there are just a few breeds that have blue eyes and husky is one of them. But her giant ears, yodeling/strange vocalizations, color pattern, and general quirky behavior led me down the Senj path. Whatever she is, she's an absolute gem and we are grateful to have her in our lives.

  • I have a friend with a "mountain Feist" and her dog looks just like yours. She has many of the Basenji traits but she loves to bark. I had never heard of this breed and I have done no research on it but just saying she has a twin in North Carolina.

  • She is absolutely GORGEOUS! Definitely looks like she has some a Basenji!

  • When you stayed QUIRKY BEHAVIOR- Basenji Bells RING

  • The Wisdom panel is probably the most accurate

  • Thank you, Debra.

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