• Here is a picture of Achilles playing with Alex's Halloween weapon


  • very cute. I think this may be a good lessen for Alex to put his toys up.

  • Looks like a basenji doing what he does best‚ĶCHEWING ūüėÉ

  • Alex doesn't really care about this toy. Believe me, anything that is truly valuable to him is put away.

    When he grabs something he knows he shouldn't have, he beelines it right to the couch, then watches out of the top of head (or so it seems) to see if anyone is coming. He really is quite a charactor. So far he hasn't ruined anything.

    He is going to live with my daughter in a couple of days.

  • This is a classic picture of the chewer looking at you with those eyes as if to say "You're NOT going to take this!" Achilles looks like a smart boy.

    You and your DH have sacraficed your time and energy to give him a great start down a happy life. You are his angels. He will surely repay you and your daughter with a lifetime of adventure and love. Even though he's given you quite a run, I bet you're gonna miss him. ūüėČ

    Once he's with your daughter, please keep us posted with some updates and more pics - please . . . ūüôā

  • I am actually going to send her a link to this website when their computer is up and running, and she will hopefully use it to her great advantage. Yes, I love the little guy, and I will miss him, but my legs won't‚Ķ....Climbing over that gate has really caused me a few problems.

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