• I'm going to get a basenji soon and I was just wondering if they are good with strangers or guests.

  • Where are you getting the dog from? Basenjis are not a good breed for novice owners. Your question indicates you need to do a great deal more research; find someone with basenjis so you can interact with them; and make certain the breeder is a good responsible one. If well bred, the likely answer to your question is that if you socialize properly, your dog should be okay with strangers, but may well be aloof.

  • I think most are fine if properly socialized. Mine have varied from friendly to aloof, with my last one being somewhat untrustworthy and requiring supervision, particularly when people were leaving. Basenjis are curious and often will investigate purses, coats, etc. if given the chance. Theft of objects may occur.

    Agree with Debra, you need to learn more about the breed. Behaviour with strangers is not a frequent complaint, but mischief and destructiveness are.....

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