Serious Concerns about a Breeder in Quebec

  • Hi,

    I have some concerns about a breeder in Quebec. I've been researching Basenjis to see if it would be the right breed for our family and I came across this website - Is this considered responsible breeding? Is it normal to breed this many dogs and be a member of the Basenji Club of Canada?

    These people have some award winning dogs (Basenjis and Labs) and appear to be respected members in the community. Does anyone have any experience with this breeder? Like seeing their facility etc?

    I'm not looking to start a witch hunt - my concern is the well being for all the dogs involved.

  • Eng translating, not getting a lot of info. There was a short thread here a few years ago:

    They are listed on the Basenji Club of Canada... but i have no idea what requirements are needed to be listed;

    I am seeing dogs shown, but hopefully some here with actual experience and knowledge of this breeder can hep.

    It is not abnormal to breed more than one breed. As for the listing of dogs, many may be co-owned, which is also not unusual.

  • I've heard that none of the QC breeders are very reputable, maybe that's unfair but in my very limited experience with them I would have to agree. Many of the QC breeders dogs/puppies end up in shelters, there are also a lot of puppymills in QC, There are 2 QC breeders' Basenjis here in Alberta that I know of, both being rescued shelter dogs. One is a Josabry Basenji, the other is not but they do share a parent. The Josabry Basenji is very handsome but suffers from IBD. I believe BRAT has a Basenji from yet another QC breeder. I would not buy a Basenji in QC, go to Ontario, lots of good Basenji breeders there.

  • If you have concerns, contact the BCOC. I've taken 3 of her dogs into rescue in less than a year. I've made a complaint about this particular breeder based on the number of litters, lack of socialisation, health issues and temperament, however I guess they need MULTIPLE complaints before they'll take action of any kind. They essentially told me they couldn't take action and to contact the CKC. This breeder also has a history of selling dogs thru pet stores as recently as 4 yrs ago, which is directly against CKC rules. She has caused me to entirely lose respect for basenji breeders in Canada.

  • Oh, please don't judge all Canadian Basenji breeders based on the behaviour of a couple of crappy Basenji breeders in QC, that's totally not fair. We have some pretty good breeders up here who produce some pretty nice Basenjis. By the same token, there are a few skechy AKC Basenji breeders.

  • @giza1 Who are you talking to Joanne, me? Because all of the wonderful breeders you're referring to are doing NOTHING to stop this woman except referring people who ask to other breeders. 3 rescues in less than a year, all with health and temperament problems. Excuse me for being incredibly bitter, but I couldn't save one of her dogs, spent a week going to the ER twice a day for IV antibiotics and needed surgery on my hand because she overbreeds, hasn't got a f**king clue and is irresponsible AND THE REST OF THE BCOC MEMBERS look the other way! There is one canadian basenji breeder I'll recomend, and she's in Vancouver. At this time last year, I spent my Christmas crying over a dog who was under quarantine order, waiting to be released by the County Health Department so I could have him euthanized. You want to talk about our "wonderful canadian breeders" you're part of the problem! They have zero heart and look the other way--as long as they're making money they don't give a sh*t!

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