Wanted: Male Basenji in Michigan

I'm looking for a male Basenji up to 2 years of age. I prefer a red/white or a brindle.

Thank you

Go to the Basenji club and contact breeders to see if they have any adults needing placement. Also, contact Camp Basenji. Finding dogs under the age of 2 is a bit difficult unless you want to get on a breeder's list and wait for this winter's crop of puppies. Camp Basenji does not list all their available dogs, so contact Pam Hamilton and see if she has something that is a good fit.

Basenji Club Of America Breeders

Camp Basenji

Thanks for the info. I'll check those sites out. I prefer a puppy but willing to take one up to 2 years old. Sounds like I'll have to wait till winter.

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