• In about a month I am going to China on business and I am looking for a kennel in my area (Westchester, NY). I have found one that I really like, however, they require the canine influenza vaccine (most of the kennels in the area do). I asked my breeder first and she told me not to get it done due to the fact that basenjis are sensitive to it. I have been doing some research and it looks like some owners get it and others don't. My vet said that it is up to me. I am just trying to see if I should get it or not because I need enough time between both shots. Any suggestions?

  • The risks are low, and canine influenza can be deadly, though mostly it simply makes them very sick and VERY contagious for up to 3 weeks. If I were boarding or showing, I'd get it done.


    Risks are similar to any vaccine. It can't give your dog the flu, it isn't 100 percent in stopping infection, but highly effective in decreasing both effects and contagious levels. The new one and old one have similar research:


    What are the possible side effects?
    There were no side effects in the vaccine field safety trial, which included 746
    dogs of various ages and breeds. As with any vaccine, allergic reactions may
    occur in a small percentage of animals. Adverse events reported since the 2009
    conditional license approval are comparable to those seen for other canine

  • @DebraDownSouth, luckily the kennel I am looking into informed me that I can get a waiver from my vet, so hopefully he will assist me in that matter! Thanks!

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