• Hi,

    I'm new to the forum. Although I don't have a Basenji any longer, I had a tri color Basenji that passed 2 years ago. Her name was Shelby and lived to be 16 years old. She had a really tight curly tail and big bold ears, and was your typical Basenji- smart as heck, stubborn as heck, peculiar as heck! Funny story about how my then-wife and I got her. Back in 1999, we dropped into a pet store in Malibu Creek Shopping Center off of PCH (doubt the pet store is there any longer). We had no intention of buying a puppy, just wanted to look and pet some cuties. Anyhow, we see a couple of Basenjis for sale and we were smitten. The store had originally brought in 3 puppies, a brindle, a black & white, and our tri, for the actor Kelsey Grammer to get the pick of the litter. He picked the black and white (supposedly Kelsey is a Basenji fan and had a chestnut and wanted another for a playmate). So, we had a litter mate to one of Kelsey's Basenjis. 🙂

    Here are a couple of pics of her and our other dog, a Parsons Jack Russell Terrier. They were an awesome combo- very well matched.

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  • Welcome to the board. I'm sorry for your loss. She sounds like a wonderful dog, and even after two years I am sure you miss her very much. Basenjis have a way of stealing your heart. They are impossible to forget, and of course we cherish the memories.

  • Awww, that's a very long happy life you gave her. Love your Parson too! Is the Parson still alive?

    Kelsey evidently did have basenjis long ago, but no longer. The only pics left online (some site people linked to with his basenjis is gone/for sale) are from 2011 with his dachshunds... and an unfortunate story of him going to Cesar Milan (gag) for training of his very unruly biting dogs.

    I hope you get another basenji... but please go to a responsible breeder this time, or rescue. We do better as we learn more, I'm not bashing you. But no responsible breeder would ever sell to a pet store for any reason. When you are ready, folks here can help you... either breeders or rescue.

  • I would love to get another basenji, but we have two pups- a 6 month old Frenchie, and a 4.5 month old pug. A basenji is not in our future. Anyhow, here's a pic of our two little Pokémons. 0_1489733679847_IMG_6001.JPG

  • Oh they're super cute!
    I think Frenchies are great.

  • Love Frenchies and Pugs. You should look up Joseph Mallozzi's blog.... he is a sci fi tv writer/producer/director... but his blog is nearly half about his pugs and frenchie.

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