Our first day with our new basenji puppy. We are in heaven!

SQUEEEEEEEE.... What a cutie!

Awwwww......... looking around like ... "WOW!! This is a whole new world for me to start checking out!" Sooo adorable ~ very lucky you are! Enjoy him & keep us posted!! 🙂

Thank y'all so much!! We are too excited to have Chupy in our lives!

@Lindsey Who did Chupy come from (Breeder), many of us are related by our Basenjis

@Lindsey What is his breeding (sire/dam)... my last litter was sired by a Meisterhaus boy....

Pat, Lindsey & Chris's pup, Chupy, is out of "Lara" CH Meisterhaus Winner Takes All x "Puzzle" CH Meisterhaus Puzzle Piece.

I met Chris at the airport when he picked up Chupy. Glad you found this forum, Lindsey. There are lots of great people to help guide you. If you are on Facebook, let me know and I'll add you to the Meisterhaus Family list also.

@Jan-K Lara's Grand Dam, Neon Nights is a full sister to the boy I used, Meisterhaus No Nonsense

Lot's of quality in those bloodlines. Really like Jasper.

That puppy is so cute I am envious. PUPPIES!!!!

@Jan-K - Me too, sorry that he was gone way too soon

Welcome! My Elliot is also by Puzzle :).

Oh gosh he gets cuter as he grows!

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