Do you ever feel like you are being watched..

  • by a stuffed hedgehog???

    Anyone else have a dog with a silly quirk? Morgan loves his toys but the pumpkins and his hedge hog are his favorites. He holds them while looking out the window and then drops them on the sill. He does it everyday! When I leave for work they are often still there after I put the blinds down. haha

    0_1484927026599_15219591_10157825217920500_4535825901886969094_n.jpg 1_1484926678034_MorganWindow.jpg 0_1484926678033_16142537_10158160812060500_5132041270552822590_n.jpg

  • Awwwwwww, maybe he's enticing you to come back in? Great pictures.

  • Awwwww!!!! I just love your dogs hahaha! So how long have they not been crated when you are gone?

  • They are always crated when I'm not home or I wouldn't have a home. I can only imagine what my blinds would look like after the mailman comes by...

  • Very cute... that is my C-Me, she loves her hedge hog and has for 7yrs.... and Franie loves her froggy, but only after she has been in season and thinks it is her baby. Lasts about 2 to 3 wks, then it is forgotten till next time.!![0_1485012540106_Franie and baby.

  • @CrazySenji Hahahaha...I thought you told me they are always crated lol...I can't wait to see the quirks our little man has!

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