• My elderly Basenji girl, Zoom seems to be having a lot of pain in her legs. It started with her front legs and now her hind legs seem to be bothering her considerably as well. Has anyone used anything with good results? She will be 15 in March. She still loves to play, but will cry with pain in her legs and it breaks my heart.

  • When Chance was limping due to a joint injury in his front paw, we thought he had Arthritis, which has similar symptoms. I had him on
    Glucosamine and Turmeric which seemed to relieve the pain. There are a number of products on Amazon you can buy.

  • If both front and back, could be her spin. I'd have the doctor check her. I have had good results using bromelain (it is from pineapples and a natural anti-inflammatory). You can get it off amazon or some health food stores.

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