• I just got my first Basenji's (which I have been wanting for about 15 years now) and expect to be on this site quite a bit! About 8 weeks ago I met my two new pups (yes two, but they were both "left overs" from a breeder and needed homes!) and so far it has been a bit of a whirlwind.

    Hudson is my tri-male from a litter 1/2015. He is super willing to please, is very excited to learn new tricks, but has been having some interesting bowel issues. (I plan on posting on the health board in a bit). He snores, but boy is he a cuddle bug.

    Hazel is my red female from a litter 12/2014. She is much more "textbook" basenji (from what I read). She is the only dog I have ever known to run AWAY from the dog park in the midst of having fun. After being gone for 4 days, and then to the doggy ICU here in Philadelphia, she is now regaining strength, even though she has a little doggy cast (that has been replaced 5 times in the last 2 weeks along with 6 different cones of shame). I cannot wait to get this cast off to get some of this puppy energy out!

    I plan on posting on the health board re: putting on weight, intermittant bowel issues, training, crate training, agility, and possibly lure coursing. Looking forward to pick your brains!

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