• And if so, what is he mixed with?

    So w just got him this last Tuesday from a humane society shelter and it said on the tag he was a basenji mix. I have been doing research and am inclined to agree. My grandad (who owned basenjis way before I, or my parents, existed) says he is definitely part basenji. He doesn't seem to show any of the 'cat like aloofness' my research says many basenji have, but due to his appearance I still think he is.

    He is about a year old and ways about 11 pounds (small, but big compared to my granddad 6 pound chiweenie) and maybe nine or ten inches tall (haven't measured so this may be inaccurate). He can yowl (is that what it's called?) but he has also barked on one occasion while we were at a swimming pool and my brothers were jumping in (will include link).

    Photo of him lying down. He has that white basenji stripe on his back. https://flic.kr/p/x8Btky

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